Build Precise Programs FAST

Let FEAK Pro-Coach Remove Your Program Design Obstacles

Maximum Program Precision - Minimum Time Spent

  • Great coaches know how to devise great training programs
  • But to transfer your plan onto an app for athletes to use can be tough without wasting time.
  • With FEAK’s system of program design and editing you will never need spreadsheets again.
  • Testing with professional coaches shows a 70% program design time savings! On average this is a savings of over 4,000 USD/month when calculated on a per-hour basis. 

Common Time Wasters

FEAK Pro Coach Solution

Key Benefit

Finding work-arounds for details in program

You can QUICKLY adjust RPE, percentages, Rep-ranges, rest times, training splits and more on a day to day and even set by set basis. 

Deliver the exact program you had in mind. Not a "dumbed down" one due to software limitations

Exercises are not specific enough

You can vary different grips, angles, body positions, implements and more on any exercise

Provide the exact exercise variation that your client needs

Hard to add more movements/exercises

You are in total control. Add any movement or exercise and use it in any program you design

Add Things NOW! No need to wait for the "next version" of the software

Repetitive tasks

Program templates, exercise video links, coaching instructions and more are “one and done”. Fill them in once, and they are automatically added in the future

Up to 70% time savings during program design because boring, repetitive tasks are automated away

Client App Matches Your Client's Experience Level

  • Simple mode for new trainees gives user audio cues, tempo guidance, and video Q&A that solves many common in session problems
  • Pro mode for experienced trainees gives user maximum flexibility and speed in entering workout results

Why Choose FEAK Pro-Coach:

Speed Of Program Design

No Compromise, high speed user interface so you can spend maximum time coaching and motivation clients.

Precision Of Program Design

Able to design any "style" of training using any kind of exercises or program structure you prefer. 

Made By Coaches "In The Trenches"

The entire system is designed by coaches who need it to work exceptionally well. It's stress tested in real life gyms doing thousands of coaching sessions per week. 

Agile & Responsive Support

If you think Pro Coach can be improved, let us know and we will make it happen!

We take action quickly because when we help you, we are helping our own clients as well!