Get Your Personalized Exercise Routine

  • FEAK is a smart fitness coaching system that uses AI technology built from over 1 million hours of human experience
  • To design and deliver a systematic, customized workout & lifestyle plan
  • So you gain the benefits of exercise in a way that you can easily learn, follow and sustain.
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Why FEAK gets you results

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Customized Programs

FEAK.AI builds strength and cardio workouts that fit your:

  • Goal
  • Schedule
  • Experience
  • Available Equipment
  • Rate Of Progress
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Supportive Lifestyle Habits

Step-by-step habit formation so your lifestyle will supports your health and fitness goals.

Why Feak gets you results
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Sustainable Diet Plans

Paleo? that will work.
Vegan? no problem.
You like high carbs? Low carb? Asian food? Western? Feak.AI builds diet plans you can follow!

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Support & Trackable Progress

Record and share every strength workout, cardio session and lifestyle improvement to keep you on track

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Are you are Starter or a Booster

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Help me get my exercise routine started!

FEAK is your first fitness coach – guiding you through your program and teaching you all the fundamentals that make your exercise routine a long term success.

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Take my exercise routine to the next level

FEAK gives you training programs that challenge you to progress, and adapt when you need something new.

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3 simple questions to see if FEAK can help you

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FEAK is not only an AI app to help users achieve amazing fitness results. Our goal is to be the ideal platform for delivering the experience and logic of the worlds best coaches in targeted areas (specific sports, injury prevention, disease prevention etc) to users anytime, anywhere.