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FEAK is AI Tech. It’s AI is built using data from over 1 million hours of real life fitness coaching sessions. This well trained AI system is used to guide the user to their fitness goals. Just like an amazing real-life coach would.
  • AI determines the users first programs and exercise selection
  • Computer vision gives the user reports on their progress in movement quality
  • After the system learns more about the user, through aspects such as rate of improvement, and user feedback about the past workout plans. It can more accurately select suitable future workout programs.
  • Delivers workouts using a system that replicates the supervision of a great coach

SMART/DUMB App Comparison

Typical Fitness App “Dumb App”

  • No ability for tailor-made programs
  • Short term program “follow this workout for 20 mins”
  • Requires real-life coach for best results
  • Limited to one “style” of training e.g. cycling, powerlifting, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises etc
  • No logic or intelligence in the program
  • No precise tracking of human movement
  • Can not plot the next program based on individual variables


  • Uses millions of hours of human experience to customize user programs and workouts
  • FEAK plans in 12 week blocks – just like a professional coach
  • Scales infinitely because FEAK IS the coach
  • Can use any equipment from “bodyweight” all the way to a fully equipped gym focused on user experience level and goals, not training style or equipment
  • Every piece of past and current information is used to optimize future plans
  • User gets reports of the precision of their technique

How FEAK Disrupts
The Fitness Coaching Industry

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Brain of A World-Class Coach

  • Program Design
  • Nutrition/lifestyle guidance
  • Long term planning
  • Peaking for sports competition
  • Adapting to users
  • Tracking progress
  • Planning around user’s schedule
  • Equipment
  • Exercise complexity
  • Education
  • Feedback/Q&A answers
  • Supervision
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Converted To Algorithms In FEAK

  • Convert logic, thought process and nearly 2 million hours of real world experience into FEAK’s decision making algorithms
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App Delivers Customized FEAK Program

  • In-App Supervision using
  1. Video education
  2. Audio cues
  3. Animations
  4. Computer Vision
  5. Tracking
  6. Interactive Q&A
  • As if the coach is by your side

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