How FEAK Helps Me Get My Exercise Routine Started!

Are you are Starter or a Booster

Know How

Just like an amazing in-person coach, FEAK’s programs mean you always know exactly what to do each month, week, workout and repetition. With audio cues, interactive video tips/assistance and educational content explaining why your personal workout is designed this way.

Time Efficient

FEAK customizes your routine accoding to the amount of time, and number of days you normally spend exercising. Anywhere between 20-60 minutes can be chosen. Consistency matters so matching your schedule matters

Get Motivated

FEAK keeps you on track with nutrition, lifestyle and workouts that show you how you have progressed. A supportive development team and coaching community mean you are never alone.

Non-Stop Progress

FEAK meets you at your current fitness level. And gradually builds you up at a pace that you can recover from, and maintain.

Now Is The Time

FEAK is the first app that aims to totally empowering the new user. Not with “just follow me” video workouts. But with the knowledge, care and customization that before this, only a private, professional coach could provide. Both the way your program is designed, and the way you are coached before and during the session reflect this.

Follow FEAK’s program, and results will follow!

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