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I’m new to fitness, does FEAK work?

We know starting a structured, proper exercise program can be a challenge. So FEAK has interactive video FAQs and educational videos for every question (that we can think of so far!) a new trainee has asked our team in the past. There is also a feedback system where you can ask questions that we may not have answered yet. Then we can make more content to reply you.

I’ve been training for a while now, how can FEAK help me?

FEAK is built to replicate an excellent, real life fitness coach. You will be asked your experience level during the onboarding process. The way programs are designed will be adjusted to your input. FEAK’s programs are customized for different levels. and at the hardest difficulty, are suitable for intermediate-advanced fitness focused trainees.

I have past injuries and joint pain. Should I use FEAK?

FEAK’s choses exercises which have a high “benefit to risk” ratio. Also, they are done in a controlled, low-risk way. But all exercise has risks. So if you have old injuries please get guidance from a good therapist of medical professional. Perhaps you can even show them your FEAK program and see what they think:)

The FEAK team also has plans to work with rehab professionals for add-on modules to help with different injuries.

Do I need any wearables (watch, fitness trackers, other tech)

Nope. FEAK is designed to give you an amazing experience (hopefully!) with only your phone. In the future, we may add wearable integration for even more accurate coaching cues, and automated tracking of movement and progress. 

What exercise equipment do I need?

FEAK’s workout plans are built using the equipment list you provide during your onboarding process. There is a range from no equipment (bodyweight only) all the way to a full gym setup. The difference would be that the more equipment you have, the greater the variety of exercises you can be given in your workouts.

Is there anywhere to ask questions about my program?

Yes! this is the whole aim of the FEAK system. It is totally automated. But there is no way that we can know everything about everyone’s training. So there is a feedback system built into the app, as well as at the end of every “ask coach” interaction. The “ask coach” system can be accessed by its icon which is available on almost every screen on the app. 

How much does FEAK cost?

Our vision is to make high quality, personalized fitness coaching available to the world. Using technology combined with human experiences, we believe this is possible!

That’s why the base version of FEAK (for general fitness and health) is totally FREE as far as we have currently planned. However future modules which will have specialized programs for specific population groups or sports will be charged on a monthly basis.

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