Take My Exercise Routine To

The Next Level

Balance Consistency With Variety

FEAK’s AI program design logic gives your body what it needs. Consistency to make progress. And variety to avoid stagnation

Learn Life Long Fitness “Skills”

The skills FEAK teaches – perfect technique, stress management, metabolism preservation and more, are things you will keep long term for your fitness success.

Get Motivated

Lifitng 10kg 12 times can be totally different depending on how fast you lift and lower the weight, how long you rest between exercises, your grip position, and more. FEAK teaches you these nuances for maximum results on each rep. And computer vision technology gives you an idea of your technique and what can be improved.

Minimize Injury Risk

FEAK’s warmup system, safe exercise technique, and recovery suggestions allow you to train hard, but also safely so you can stay healthy, strong and injury free.

Take The Next Step

FEAK is ideal for the person who wants to maximize their fitness potential. By optimizing program difficulty and exercise variations for your experience level and past progress. To get the most out of the time and effort you spend exercising, give FEAK’s customized training plans a try.

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